An Overview Of Our Chicago Law Firm

Family law issues are exactly that — legal issues with an emotional impact that can divide a family forever without the skilled assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

In Greater Chicago and surrounding areas in Illinois, the law firm to come to for answers to your questions and comfort for your concerns is O'Connor Family Law, P.C.

Gail O'Connor's 18 years of experience, solid, strong guidance and thoughtful recommendations have made a positive difference in the lives of her diverse clientele — individuals, couples and families struggling with the reality of divorce. She and associates Erin M. Wilson and Michelle L. Cass provide an efficient, effective team approach to addressing legal matters that interrupt your life.

Whether you are ending a marriage or civil union, O'Connor Family Law, P.C., is your home for personalized family law and divorce representation tailored to your specific, unique needs.

Our Chicago law offices have mediated, negotiated and litigated positive outcomes for a broad range of legal matters connected to:

Our attorneys listen carefully to your wishes and goals, show openness to your ideas and offer realistic assessments of your chances for success. To speak with divorce lawyers who know how to get results and care about your brighter future, contact O'Connor Family Law, P.C., at 312-445-0577 or by sending an email message. Se habla español.