Civil Unions And Same-Sex Marriages In Chicago

Society's acceptance of the LGBT community is moving at lightning speed, especially in the Chicagoland area. Your sexual orientation or gender identity, whether a part of your marriage or union, or a new change, should not diminish your rights to an equitable share of your marital estate and access to your children. The lawyers at O'Connor Family Law, PC, are committed to making sure that all members of society are treated equally, with respect and dignity.

Gail M. O'Connor, Erin M. Wilson and Michelle L. Cass have more than 24 years of combined experience and broad knowledge of the options available to you as you seek to end your same-sex relationship. Our attorneys listen carefully to what you want to accomplish, for yourself and your children, as you and your spouse prepare to embark on separate lives. We respond with recommendations for practical resolutions that can serve you well in the future.

You can expect quality representation and solid documentation for legal issues faced by those bound by civil unions and same-sex marriage such as:

  • Child custody and visitation: Who will have primary custody of the children? Will you share custody?
  • Child support and maintenance (alimony): Will one parent be responsible for paying child support and/or alimony?
  • Property division: What is the most advisable strategy for obtaining a fair division of community property?
  • Postnuptial and separation agreements: Would you like to establish an agreement prior to the end of your marriage that provides specific information regarding what will happen with your property?
  • Modifications of custody and support obligations: There are many financial components that can change over the years. Modifications may be necessary to adjust to those changes.

Our skilled Illinois family lawyers work hard to safeguard your interests after your decision to end your same-sex marriage or civil union. You owe it to yourself and your child to transition yourselves to a post-divorce future the right way the first time. Contact O'Connor Family Law, P.C., today to arrange your initial consultation.

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