Working For Solutions To Your Family Law Problems

In Chicago, Illinois, and surrounding areas, the divorce and family law attorneys who offer experienced representation when your marriage ends, or when post-divorce issues loom, are Gail M. O'Connor, Erin M. Wilson and Michelle Cass of O'Connor Family Law, P.C.

Together, Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Cass have served individuals, couples and family clients for more than 24 years.

Whether you are revising settlement agreement obligations to reflect the need for a custody or support modification, or seeking an equitable division of assets and property that protects ownership of possessions you brought into your marriage, O'Connor Family Law, P.C ., can help.

Our skilled, dedicated attorneys have the versatility to mediate, negotiate or litigate a divorce resolution you can live with. We work hard to help you finalize child custody, visitation and spousal maintenance (alimony) goals. If your needs in these areas are unique and specialized, we can customize our representation to address them.

O'Connor Family Law, P.C., extends this same expertise to clients with interfaith marriages, civil unions or same-sex marriages and unmarried parents with paternity (parentage) issues.

In everything we do for you, we are receptive to your wishes and ideas, realistic in our assessments of your situation, and honest with our answers to your questions.

Contact our dedicated divorce and family lawyers of O'Connor Family Law, P.C., by calling 312-445-0577 or by sending an email message. Se habla español.