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Collaborative Family Law Attorneys In Chicago

Collaborative law is a way for you and your spouse to resolve issues such as child custody and marital property division in your divorce without the publicity and uncertainty of litigation.

The attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., offer both collaborative law and traditional litigation services from the office in Cook County and throughout Illinois from our law offices in Chicago.

What Is Collaborative Law?

The goal of collaborative law is for all sides to work together toward a settlement. Each side is represented by an attorney who is trained in the collaborative law process, which is focused on finding solutions.

You and your spouse will participate in a series of collaborative sessions. Each of you will be represented by your own lawyer. You can bring in neutral experts such as accountants, financial planners and child psychologists to help you resolve specific issues.

By taking a collaborative approach to divorce, you and your spouse can avoid the unpredictability and adversarial nature of a courtroom proceeding. You can also avoid the public nature of a divorce trial and keep your financial and family affairs private.

Like mediation, collaborative law is not binding on either party. You can proceed to litigation on any issues you are not able to resolve.

Take A Collaborative Approach Towards Your Divorce

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