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Specialized Divorce Issues

If you are about to begin the divorce process, you know that, while many couples get divorced, none of these couples are exactly like you and your spouse. You know that you have different issues, different types of property and completely unique children.

You need an attorney who understands that you and your divorce are unlike any other divorce they have handled. There is no such thing as a standard, one-size-fits-all divorce between individuals with radically different wishes, goals, issues and needs.

Representation of a divorcing spouse, or divorce mediation with both parties participating, calls for a customized, personalized approach. Our lawyers will tailor our representation to your unique situation and use our more than 26 years of combined experience to address your concerns in greater Chicago, Cook County and throughout Illinois.

Our attorneys are receptive to your objectives for your divorce, which could include continued ownership of a particular piece of marital property or insistence on custody or visitation access to a child. In dealing with marital property, we give substantial weight to the contributions — financial or otherwise — that you made to the marriage. When children are concerned, we are steadfast in our protection of your rights and in protecting the best interests of the children.

Do you and your spouse differ on educational and religious decisions that need to be made for your child’s future? Are you at odds over appropriate levels of child support or alimony? Our skilled divorce and family law offices can help with these specialized divorce issues.

Our Personalized Divorce Services

O'Connor Family Law, P.C., researches, investigates and negotiates resolutions to divorce disagreements over issues such as:

  • Valuation of a closely held family business co-owned by both parties
  • Hidden assets to which only a forensic accountant can gain access
  • Determination of cash-income
  • Loss of assets due to gambling, drugs or alcohol

There were many conversations and decisions that took place throughout the duration of your marriage. You had to decide finances, extracurricular activities for the children, the running of the household and many other items that constituted your daily life as a married couple. Some of these conversations and decisions may have very well-contributed to or caused the breakup of your marriage. Our attorneys can now guide you through a final discussion regarding finances, property, children and other matters to bring you to a successful resolution.

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