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The decision to divorce, or the knowledge that your spouse wants to divorce, is usually not an easy realization. The life that you know will change. You may have to move to a different home. You may not see your children as often as you are accustomed. These scenarios can sound problematic and scary. The attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., are here to help you through the difficulties, the decisions and the negotiations that are involved in ending your marriage. We are here to see you through to a solid, enduring and favorable future.If you have decided to divorce, or your divorce has been delayed by a dispute over a specialized child custody issue, or you cannot come to an agreement with your spouse over property division — you could benefit from the legal knowledge and guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Know that you are not alone if you are experiencing these problems.

Going through a divorce or another family dispute is a time often filled with uncertainty. Important decisions have to be made under stressful conditions. But, you do not have to face it alone.

At O'Connor Family Law, P.C., we have dedicated our entire practice to divorce and family law. We are focused on the issues that matter most: your rights, your future and your family. We have the skills and experience to handle even the most complex divorce cases. Our attorneys bring more than 30 years of experience as skilled negotiators and formidable litigators to every case.

Your Guide To Illinois Divorce

Whether you and your spouse agree on the major issues or are facing a contested divorce, having a skilled attorney on your side is the best way to move forward. We will guide you through this transition with your rights and best interests in mind.

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We handle both uncontested and contested divorces, and legal separations. Even where you are in agreement with your spouse when it comes to dividing up property and caring for your children, you still need a skilled attorney to make sure that your divorce documents protect you from unforeseen problems in the future. In a contested divorce, the parties disagree to varying degrees on one or more major issue which must be resolved. Contested divorce can be negotiated or litigated. Gail M. O’Connor and the attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., are known as strong litigators who guide their clients through difficult transitions.

Our lawyers understand how difficult it can be to go through child custody and visitation negotiations. As a parent, you want to be there for your child or children as much as possible. You want to guide them through life and be with them for every special moment, as well as for every “everyday” moment. We seek workable child custody and visitation agreements that protect your parental rights and the best interests of your child or children.

Will you be paying child support and/or spousal support? Will you be receiving support? Our attorneys protect individuals on both sides of this issue. We can ensure that the amount of support is determined in a fair and appropriate manner. Whether the amount of support is based on W-2 income or hidden income (cash income) needs to be found and determined so you receive your fair share, the attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., know how to get it done for their clients.

In the event your circumstances change after divorce, or one party is not complying with court orders regarding child custody and/or support, our lawyers can help with modification or enforcement of divorce orders.

Whether you were the family’s main source of income or were a stay-at-home parent who supported the family in other ways, your contribution to the marriage and the marital home is important. When marital property is divided, it is critical that your attorney understands the vital role that each type of contribution played.

While the thought of talking to your future spouse about a prenuptial agreement or talking to your current spouse about a postnuptial agreement may seem like a very uncomfortable discussion, it does not have to be. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can provide the framework for productive decisions regarding property division in the event of a divorce.

Unmarried parents face disputes involving a child’s upbringing, custody, visitation or support. We represent mothers and fathers in paternity actions to protect their rights and staying consistent with the best interests of the child.

Lawyer-assisted mediation and collaborative law: We are well-versed in the methods that are available for resolving your divorce or family law matter. Our versatility in alternative dispute resolution techniques means that our clients can have confidence that whatever the legal arena throws our way, our attorneys can take on the challenge.

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Meet Gail O'Connor

Our founding attorney, Gail M. O’Connor, has been helping families in the Chicago area find practical solutions for over 20 years. She works every day to achieve positive outcomes in divorce, property division and child custody. We use our skills and experience to take on specialized cases as well, including custody issues in interfaith marriages and challenges faced by same-sex couples. When you bring your case to O'Connor Family Law, P.C., you benefit from our:



We practice exclusively in family law, which keeps the challenges you face at the forefront. We use our extensive knowledge of the field to find the best solutions for your family.



We take the time to listen to your goals, so we can provide honest answers — not just what we think you want to hear. We know this is a difficult time and will do everything we can to help.



As well as being talented in court, we are highly experienced in collaborative law and mediation. We strive to resolve disputes amicably whenever possible.

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