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About O'Connor Family Law, P.C.

Our attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., offer experienced representation in Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, Will County or anywhere in Illinois when your marriage ends or you face child custody or support issues.

Our versatile, dedicated attorneys will obtain your optimum result through mediation, collaboration, negotiation or litigation. We work hard to help you reach your marital property division and alimony goals. Our lawyers can handle specialized family law issues, such as child custody disputes involving interfaith marriages and same-sex couples.

Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of experience finding practical, lasting solutions for the problems of individuals, couples and families throughout Illinois. Together, our lawyers bring an experienced and focused team approach to divorce, child custody, visitation, support and property division issues.

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What Makes Our Divorce Attorneys Stand Out From The Rest

Divorces and other family law disputes can be challenging. When you’re engaging in emotional conflicts that could significantly impact your future, you want to work with a trustworthy legal team that can guide you through the thick of your situation. As award-winning lawyers, we bring extensive experience, knowledge, resources and guidance to every case we handle. We understand that no divorce or family dispute is the same. We frequently adjust our approach to tailor it to your case’s unique needs and challenges. For example, if you’re divorcing your spouse but don’t want to engage in lengthy and costly litigation, we can help facilitate your divorce through an alternative dispute resolution approach like mediation. Of course, if your divorce or dispute requires litigation to resolve, we’re ready to take your case to court and fervently fight for your needs and interests. 

Alongside our adaptable approach, we also thoroughly understand the unique nuances that a divorce can bring. We recognize that many divorces involve more than just child custody, property division and spousal/child support. Couples can face issues unique to them during divorce, whether they’re going through a same-sex divorce, facing threats or accusations of domestic violence, trying to uncover hidden assets, resolve disagreements over what faith to raise their children and others. We’ve handled all these issues and are well-versed in approaching and taking them in a way that resonates with your needs, concerns and goals. 

If you’re looking for award-winning, female-owned, bilingual Illinois divorce counsel, we’re here to zealously and effectively represent your needs. Reach out to us today to get started on your case.

Working For Solutions To Family Law Problems

In everything we do for you, we are receptive to your wishes and ideas, realistic in our assessments of your situation, and honest with our answers to your questions. For experienced representation during your contested or uncontested divorce in Chicago, or personal attention to a custody or support issue, come to O'Connor Family Law, P.C.

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Our attorneys bring passion and dedication to their family law practice you don’t see anywhere else. One of our lawyers, Gail M. O’Connor, runs regular seminars, lectures and classes on family law throughout the area. Gail and Evelyn Michelle Hernandez have been in the Super Lawyers magazine. They’re loyal, dedicated and focused on delivering top-tier representation and counsel to the people they serve.

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