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Attorneys Handling Parentage Issues In Chicago

The parent is the most important role you will have in your lifetime. Illinois law provides that even if you did not marry the mother or father of your child, you have almost all the same rights and obligations of married persons regarding support and custody.

If you are going through a legal battle with the other parent, you may feel your role is in jeopardy. You may be worried that your rights will be stripped away. You may worry that you will no longer have a close parent-child relationship. Our law firm works diligently to bring calm and solid guidance to you when things seem uncertain.

Attorneys Resolving Paternity And Co-Parent Disputes

Paternity and parentage cases can take several surprising turns – for example, when a child’s birth mother does not want to be found by a biological father who wants to be closer to his child, or when a father seeks paternity testing to increase access to a son or daughter and is prepared to pay regular child support.

Birth mothers can also seek out a co-parent to demand paternity testing to receive financial support.

There are a variety of paternity rights issues that arise, both for birth mothers and biological fathers. Whatever parental issues you might have in Cook County or Illinois, call our Chicago-based family law attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C.

Our lawyers give you the benefits of their nearly 30 years of combined experience creating solutions for unique family law situations, such as complex parentage matters and special custody issues such as interfaith parents.

Handling Complex And Outside-The-Box Parenting Matters

Our law firm is ready to step in to protect your parental rights and safeguard the best interests of your child or children. We can help you obtain the financial support that you need.

The Complicated Issues You Can Encounter

We can look at the specific situations of your life and devise a plan to help you obtain that goal on behalf of you and your child or children. While many custody and visitation schedules are similar to the next, others may require some creativity. We can handle particular situations that require “outside-the-box” solutions.

  • Are you an unmarried parent who needs financial support so that you and your child or children can afford the necessities of life?
  • Are you a birth mother who wonders why your child’s father hasn’t upheld his responsibilities for support, custody and visitation?
  • Are you a father who wants to do your part to ensure your child is provided for?

We recognize how complex these issues can be and we are here to support you as we help you sort them out. 

Offering Creative Solutions To Your Parenting Disputes

We can help you in various ways you may not have thought possible. Some of those approaches include:

  • Holding an absent or noncompliant parent responsible for nonpayment of child support 
  • Holding a parent accountable for not abiding by their custody and visitation agreement
  • Providing fathers unique opportunities to offer suitable financial support and maintain their strong bond with their children. 

The solutions we help you find for your parental disputes will all meet your needs. 

We Will Advocate For Your Child’s Needs

Parenting dynamics are a fundamental part of a child’s upbringing. As a parent, you want to protect your child from any and all types of harm or negativity. Our law firm can provide you and your child with effective legal strategies to ensure that your child receives the care and support that he or she deserves.

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