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Modification And Enforcement Of Child Custody And Support Agreements

Your circumstances may change after divorce, creating a need to change your child custody and/or support order. You may also face a problem when an ex is not complying with a court order with respect to visitation or giving you the property you were awarded in your divorce. In situations like these, our Chicago-based attorneys at O'Connor Family Law, P.C., can help, even if we didn’t represent you in your divorce. We can assist you if you need to modify or enforce your child custody or child support agreements in Cook County or anywhere in Illinois.

An attorney from our law firm can help you throughout the process of modifying or enforcing a court order. First, we will evaluate your circumstances and determine if you are entitled to make a change. Then we will guide you through the court system to get you what you are entitled to.

Answering Your Questions About Custody, Support And Alimony

These are examples of questions we can answer for you.

  • Will the amount of child support I pay or receive change when the new child support law takes effect in July?
  • Am I paying too much child support?
  • Should my ex pay more support?
  • Can I modify child support if I lose my job or my income declines?
  • Can I change my parenting schedule if my kids are older and want to spend more time with me?
  • My new spouse was transferred to another state. Can I move and take the children?
  • Can I stop paying alimony if my ex moves in with another person?
  • Can I obtain full custody of my children if my ex has adopted an unhealthy lifestyle?
  • Can my ex stop visitation if I am behind on child support payments?
  • How can I force my ex to live up to his or her child support responsibilities?

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