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Gray divorces continue to rise

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Gray Divorce

Residents of Chicago as well as other nearby areas of Illinois may want to learn more about the growing trend of divorce among older citizens. Since the year 1990, the rate has doubled in regard to those who are over 50. In fact, experts predict that the rate of gray divorce will triple by 2030.

According to Psychology Today, it is not just occurring in the U.S. as statistics reveal: The same trends are happening around the globe. This includes countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, and India.

Why is this happening?

Since the 1960s and 1970s, personal fulfillment and happiness have taken on much more importance in marriage. Divorce is now more socially acceptable for people who don’t find happiness in their marital relationship. Couples who married years ago may now be facing differences in the following:

• Money matters
• Interests
• Emotional fulfillment

The empty-nest syndrome opens eyes

With children grown up and no longer at home, partners sometimes wonder what they have in common. In some cases, addiction and infidelity may play a role in gray divorce. The toll of mental, emotional, and physical abuse may be contributing factors as well.

Satisfaction in relationships moves to the forefront of health

Studies from 1938 show little interest regarding marital factors such as empathy or attachment. Now, it has become evident that relationships are a key factor in healthy aging and maintaining life satisfaction. Some of the recent studies done reveal several features of self-care that include the following:

• Social connections help while loneliness kills.
• Conflicted living situations are very bad for health.
• Good relationships protect the brain.

The quest for personal happiness and fulfillment in the later years has had a profound influence on the gray divorce rate. People no longer want to stay in a marriage that offers little in the way of happiness. They hope to attain, through a divorce, the joy, contentment, and pleasure that they hope await them in retirement. Fulfilling relationships have become an important part of this desire, so it’s not surprising that more couples are divorcing in their senior years.