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How can you create a co-parenting plan that works?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Co-Parenting

Divorcing parents in Illinois should work hard for the sake of their children. This includes creating a co-parenting plan that clearly outlines each person’s time with the kids. Here are tips to prepare a plan that works for all.

Put your child’s needs first

Consider what’s best for your child while creating your co-parenting plan. The best plans always put the child’s best interests first. Factors like their emotional needs and physical needs such as clothing, food, shelter, activities and sleep should all be taken into consideration. Work together to come up with a plan that will help make your child happy and comfortable.

Consider your child’s schedule

Take your child’s schedule into account when making your co-parenting plan. It’s easier to create a plan for younger kids, but if your child is older and has school and extracurricular activities during the week, you’ll have to revolve your plan around all of that. You don’t want your child to have to drop a favorite activity for the sake of your co-parenting plan.

Plan how to communicate

You and your ex will have to be in communication with one another once your co-parenting plan is active. Plan ahead for how you will communicate. It should be easy enough if your split was an amicable one. If you had a contentious divorce and the two of you clash, it might be better to limit communication to emails and the occasional phone call.

You should also plan for communicating with your child when the other parent has their time with them. Video chatting is probably the best option for staying in touch. You might also want to do some regular text messaging.

Consider the parenting schedule you’ll use

You will also have to determine the parenting schedule used with your co-parenting plan. Many families opt for the weekly rotation where the child spends a week with one parent and the next week with the other. Alternatives such as the 3-3-4-4 schedule sometimes work better as your child spends a few days with each parent and alternates the time weekly.

When you create the best co-parenting plan for your family, everyone will benefit.